Upcycled Present Packaging in 15 minutes

When giving or receiving a present, half of the fun is the way it is packaged! Making your own presentĀ packaging from fabrics will make it even more personal and then it becomes part of the gift.

Awesome Present Packaging Made Easy

Sometimes when you buy something in a shop they pack it in a fabric bag. I bought some nice earrings in a shop called COS, and they come in a little fabric bag with a very nice grey ribbon. Their brand is printed at the bottom of the bag, so I just cut that part out and sewed it back together…

The idea of reusing this little bag, came to me when we gave a present for a wedding. Our friends have asked for money because they wanted to buy furniture. We deposited the money but we wanted to give something symbolic as well. So we gave them a little screwdriver, very handy to assemble their furniture šŸ˜‰ and put it into one of these little bags, with a message. They loved it!

sustainable and upcycled present packaging in 15 minutes

You can also add a twist and give the little bad a different shape, like rounding the corners, or adding a 3D bottom. It also depends on what you will put in there.

You can also make these very easily with rest of fabrics you have lying around, you just need a small rectangle of left over fabricsĀ and a nice ribbon.

sustainable and upcycled present packaging in 15 minutes

Personalising with Stamps

But to give it a more personal touch I used stamps. I made theĀ little tiny stamps of the present and the envelope and those were used in our wedding invitations, and they make a very nice pattern which we used for the wedding gift of our friends.

If you want to try stamping on textiles you need to make sure you use the right ink. The one I used which I highly recommend is a Japanese brand called Soramame, you can buy it on Etsy. They are tiny ink pads that are ideal to make stamps in different colours.

Making your own stamps is also very fun, I might do a blog post about that in the future. šŸ™‚


sustainable present packaging in 15 minutes