Tutorial: Mini Jeans for Kids

This is a nice twist to the retro pants pattern from the MINIMI book. Mini Jeans for kids reusing that little curious misterious pocket that most jeans have on the right side pocket.

Are you wearing jeans now? Look at your pockets, chances are that one of them has an extra little pocket inside the pocket. I was wondering what was this pocket in the jeans designed for? So I asked Google. It turns out this fifth pocket was originally intended to hold a watch! This small denim pocket made its appearence in 1902, and has gotten progressively smaller since then due to the demise of use of what it was initally designed for.  It is now refered to as a coin pocket. You can see the history of the denim pocket here.

I thought this little pocket would look very cute as a back pocket in the mini jeans. I just cut the pocket very close to the stitching lines and then sewed it back into one of the pipes following the original stitch line.

 Look out for those metal parts, I broke one of the needles with it! :-S

I took the pattern for the front pocket and made sure to reuse the nicely stitched line on the top of the original piece.mini jeans little pocket

Follow this step by step instructions:

1. Using the pattern for the retro pants you cut out the two pipes of the jeans. and then add the front and back pockets as shown above.

2. Close the pipes by stitching them right sides together.

3. Turn one of the pipes inside out and put the other pipe inside it. Then sew them together.

4. Use an elastic waist band and pin it to the top.

5. Turn the mini jeans inside out and pin the elsatic wiast band inside.

6. Ta daaaa! Mini Jeans with back pocket!

Jeans for kids learn

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