Tutorial: Leather Pouch… from a Jacket

When I bought my sewing machine it came with all the extra tools needed; like needles, a little screwdriver, a brush and different types of feet. All those little pieces come in a white plastic pouch, which I didn’t really like. Since I love leather bags, I though to make one by re-using an old leather jacket that I found at the second hand shop.

The leather jacket that was used as material for the pouch was a jewel. Its shape was gigantic, like out of an eighties video of Wham, but it had very soft leather and nice details in the sleeves that inspired me for the design of this pouch.

Processed with Moldiv

 Follow this tutorial to learn how to sew the leather pouch:

The cutting

1. Cut out the details that you want to reuse. Normally leather jackets have buttons on the sleeves.

2.  Cut out a rectangle of leather from the sleeve, depending on the size that you want your leather pouch to be.

Leather pouch made from a jacket

The sewing

3. Sew the buttons in the middle of the rectangle.

4. Fold with the right sides facing each other and sew the sides together.

5. Flip over the pouch so that the stitches are in the inside.

6. Since the upper flap of the pouch is now a little bit wider than the body of the pouch, you can just cut it so that they do not stick out.

leather pouch steps

In very little time you can have a great result by re-using existing elements like the buttons and the details.

Now you can give it a try and let us know how it worked out.

 The advantage of working with leather is not only that it looks awesome, but also that it is ok to give your pieces a raw finishing, no fabric strings will be popping out.


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