What does it take to make a T-shirt?

Have you ever wondered how the clothes you are wearing today got made?  Imagine you could track the whole process from growing the cotton and the machines making the fabric, the people cutting and sewing them, the boxes for packing them shipping them so they can finally get to the shop where you bought them.

planet money

Planet Money decided to to unveil the hidden world behind clothes, so they decided to make a T-shirt from scratch and document the whole process.To figure out how many shirts to make, and to raise money to pay for them, they turned to Kickstarter, a crowd-funding platform. Their goal was to sell 2,000 shirts. In the end, they sold 25,000!

people who funded

Some of the people who pre-bought a t-shirt to fund the documentary

This is a very inspiring story confirms that people do care about where things come from and what impact they will have in their world.

People are becoming more conscious and looking for transparency, here is an example of another t-shirt by a fashion brand called honest by. They do not place the focus on the t-shirt itself, but on the story behind it, where was it made?, where did the materials came from and how much did they cost?, how much did each step in the process cost?, and even how much did they keep for themselves as a revenue.

who made your clothes by honest by

These two examples focus on the life of the t-shirt before it gets to you. With the MINIMI project, we want to focus on what happens after that, when you decide that you are not going to wear those clothes anymore…

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