The GoSoaky Penguin

I try to purchase fair-fashion and love discovering new brands that care for the world. I recently bought a raincoat for my son form GoSoaky, the most lovely rainwear brand, featuring no more and no less than a penguin! He loved the penguin so much that I made a print from it using Bobbin Hood screen printing kit.

The penguin print

I made a silk screen design inspired in the GoSoaky Penguin. I made the boots larger so they are more visible and added a scarf in case the penguin found it too cold.


I experimented with printing using the negatives. So I placed the penguin cutouts and printed with white on a black surface. Also tried it on stationary and love the result!!

penguin print

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I love how perfectly imperfect the penguin turned out when printing using the negatives. The white ink just makes the penguin appear and afterwards you print the scarf and boots in different colors.






About GoSoaky

GoSoaky is a Dutch brand for kids rainwear. It’s such a pitty they don’t have adult sizes.




What is Bobbin Hood?

To learn more about Bobbin Hood go to their website or check the hashtag: #wearebobbinhood on instagram.