The Buffalo Bib Sewing Tutorial

In this sewing tutorial, you will learn how to sew a baby bib that does not look like a baby bib. A free pattern is included in PDF format for you to print at home.

Three little problems gave birth to this idea:

The buffalo Bib is a bib that does not look like a bib. Perfect for the drooling babies and with a handy pacifier string.

Problem #1: Drooling. When babies start toothing, between 4 and 6 months, they start drooling (a lot!). My little Felix is now 4 months and I have not yet seen any teeth yet, but in any way the drooling began a few weeks ago… I started using a bib, but i really did not like the look of it, specially because he is not eating, so why a bib?

Problem #2: Gravity. His pacifier or soother would end up on the floor (a lot!) so I had to buy a clip… which ended soaked because of problem #1…

Problem #3: Poo. You know those hydrophilic cloths, very handy for all occasions… we use them also for the diaper changes as a cover for the changing cushion… and well sometimes accidents occur and those (poo)stains stay yellow… (if you have a tip to remove the those stubborn stains, let me know).


Sewing Tutorial

1. You will need one of those hydrophilic cloths and fold it 4 times diagonally so you can make 4 bibs with one cloth. Choose a nice fabric from your stash, one that has been there waiting for the right project. This might me its chance! The measurements for the fabric are 16cm x 45cm.

Take the pattern piece for the bib and trace around putting it on the fold of the fabric. Then cut once on the fabric and once the cloth.

Take the pattern piece for the string and cut the rectangle needed to make the string for the pacifier.

 You need an hydrophilic cloth and some fabric of your choice to sew this Bib.



2. This is everything you will need (I did not draw your sewing machine nor your iron…)

-One piece of cloth,


-One piece of velcro, and


The velcro will be used to close the bib on the back.

 To make this free pattern Bib you will need a piece of fabric, a piece of cloth, velcro and thread.



3. Take the fabric rectangle and your iron.

Fold the edges from both sides 1cm to the inside and press with the iron.

Then fold everything in the middle and iron again. You will end up with a sort of bias tape.

Sew it along and there you go! You have a string.

 making the string for the pacifier



4. Take the string you have just made and fold it in half. You will make a sandwich with the bib pieces good sides facing together.


Place the cloth piece (does not really have a good or bad side) on top of the table.


Then put the string on the side of the bib, approximately in the middle.


Close the sandwich with the fabric bib piece with the good side facing down and pin it all together.

Step 4 of sewing the buffalo bib with a free pattern.



5. Sew along but leave an opening of minimum 5cm on the top. The free sewing pattern includes seam allowance of 75mm.

Make some little cuts on the seams wherever there is a curve. This way it will look nicer when you turn it inside-out.

Turn everything inside out (or outside in actually) and pass it through the opening. Use your scissors to push the fabric through.

Use the iron to fold the opening nicely. Sew a top stitch close to the edge of the seam. I know it is nicer if you close it by hand, but this option is faster and it looks actually quite ok if you do it evenly and 2mm close to the edge. You can also go ahead and top stitch all around if you like how it looks.


 Step 5 for making the Buffalo Bib free sewing pattern.


6. Almost done! Just need to place the velcro to close it.

Take a piece of velcro and separate the two parts: one rough and one smooth.

Take the rough part and cut out a circle.

The smooth part can stay like it is, a rectangle 3 cm long.

Sew the rough part to the fabric side, this way it will not touch the skin of your minimi.

Sew the smooth part to the cloth part.


Bang bang you are done!

 Step 6 of sewing the free pattern for the buffalo bib.

Sewing Tutorial with Pictures

Some people prefer photos, so here are all the sewing steps again but with pictures!

the buffalo bib is a free pattern to make a bib that does not look like a bib.


Get this Free Pattern

Make the Buffalo bib

Download the FREE Pattern

Why is this sewing pattern called Buffalo Bib?

I wanted to make a bib that did not look like a bib. I wanted something like a scarf… then someone said Felix (my baby) looked like a cowboy, and well… Bib sounds like Bill.