Sewing Patterns for Kids Meet an Old Sweatshirt

Love the sewing patterns for kids from La Maison Victor! Love the fabrics from Veritas! But what I love the most, is my old and worn out brown sweatshirt which I refused to throw away! Here is what I did!

I have a sweatshirt that I just did not wear anymore because the elastic bands are broken and worn out. But the fabric is very soft and it used to be one of my favorite sweatshirts. I decided to repurpose it into a sweatshirt for a 2 year old boy following one of the sewing patterns for kids from my favorite sewing magazine: La Maison Victor. I chose the Leather Sweater pattern from La Maison Victor because it is simple and easy to make and yet is allows you to choose for different color combinations and different choices of fabric.

But OK, a brown sweatshirt just like that for a kid? It might not be that nice. I wanted something more colourful so I thought to add some nice fabric on the front of the sweatshirt. I found this cotton fabric in the Veritas shop and I love the combination of colours with the original brown sweatshirt.

Using the leather sweater pattern from La maison Victor and a fabric from Veritas, i gave a second life to an old sweatshirt of mine.

It turned out to be a nice color palette for a boy and a fabric with little flowers and nice details to make it more playful. Also, the original sweater has very nice stitches that come back in the piece and it gives it a more finished look.

The full instructions on how to make this sweater for kids is on the La Maison Victor magazine from the fall 2014, or you can buy it online including nice video instructions here. By changing the fabric to a cotton thin fabric in the front it makes a perfect outfit for the spring.

If you are interested in sewing something like this but you are not sure how, you can follow out workshops (in Belgium). Soon we will be uploading more videos to the blog, so keep up to date with us and follow us on Bloglovin as well!

Hope you liked it!

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