Awareness & Action Against Fast Fashion

Mooi is a festival in Antwerp about sustainable fashion with a photo exhibition, film screenings, panel discussions, creative workshops and a green fashion market. Eye opening, thought provoking and encouraging!


Photo Exhibition: Pieter van den Boogert – What we wear

Covering the global clothes market in three chapters, including the production in Bangladesh, the consumption in the Netherlands and the reuse of worn clothes in Ghana. This trilogy can be seen as a visual example of how western wealth and trendy consumption cannot be seen separately from poor working conditions and global market mechanisms.


Film: The Next Black, a film about the future of clothing

However fashion moves faster and faster, the concept, the clothing, hasn’t changed much in over a 100 years. Textiles still cover bodies and signify social code, fabrics are still sewn with needles and sold in stores.

Maybe it doesn’t make sense to disrupt a 1.7 trillion dollar industry, but should’t there be something more progressive than design and style changes? Shouldn’t there be innovation that alters the entire concept of clothing?

This is a film about the people behind the scenes who are working to shape the next step in clothing history.

Documentary: True Cost

This reminded me a lot about the project of Planet Money Makes a T-shirt. It covered the various steps that make the story of the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact it all has in our world. The prices of clothing have decreased in the last 10 years, but the cost for the people and the environment has increased dramatically. True Cost is a documentary shows who is paying the price of Fast Fashion.


Sustainable Brands and Market

There were many other very inspiring brands and initiatives that you can find in the website of Mooi Festival.

Repurposing: Carpet of Life

This one cached our eye because we start from the same point: what do you do with the clothes you are not wearing anymore but you just can’t throw away? Carpet of Life is a fair design brand based in Ghent ran by two sisters: Hendrikje and Marion. They turn your old wardrobe into a beautifully crafted carpet hand-made in the Sahara. They guide the process from Belgium to Morocco and back to make sure that your wardrobe and personal story travel safely to the desert and come back as your Carpet of Life. Beautiful brand with a beautiful story!



Dying Fabrics Naturally

One of the most impacting things I learned from the documentaries was the hazardous chemicals used in dying fabrics. Katrien Van Hecke is a fashion designer who has come with a natural way of dying silk and her designs are awesome. I just felt like going to my kitchen and start experimenting! Her collection is for sale in very exclusive boutiques around the world.

 My Fair Baby

Particularly interesting for people with young kids and babies is My Fair Baby, an initiative with a lot of information on where to buy, what to buy and how to make educated choices for everything baby related.

Everybody has an opinion about what you need for your baby, mothers and fathers, friends and even baby brands come with must have items, but do you really need all of those things? There are sustainable alternatives that they showed in their workshop. Definitely check them out if you have or are having a baby.

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