Repurposing my Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is one of the only pieces of clothing that is meant to be worn only once! Isn’t that crazy? What do you do with the dress after the wedding?

Our wedding was in Mexico! We had a day wedding in a beautiful garden surrounded by mountains. I choose a white dress with lace after trying many other dresses with my mom, my sister and some friends. In the Western society, most brides choose for a white dress but they haven’t always been white. I had the idea of repurposing my wedding dress after the wedding, but I was not so sure what it would become…

Wedding dress blogWhat options do you have for the dress after the wedding?

Some people re-sell it or donate it. Others do not like the idea of getting rid of it and decide to hem it dye it in a different colour to turn it into a cocktail dress. In the past, it was very common that wedding dresses were transformed into the baptism clothes for their children.

Repurposing my Wedding Dress into…

We decided to repurpose the wedding dress into a “hemeltje” for our baby crib!


Wedding dress repusposed -01


How did we do it?

For repurposing my wedding dress, I did not cut into the dress but only made a tunnel to put a flexible rubber tube inside and give it the round shape. The tube is fixed to a small wooden bar to give it a bit of tension. The upper part of the dress is just hidden inside. Finally we just arranged the lace and now it hangs on top of the baby crib!

Wedding dress transformationWhat did you do yo your wedding dress?

Any other repurposing ideas for wedding dresses?

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