Raven meets Bobbinhood

This is the story of a fabric once bought for no reason, with no pattern in mind, which was laying in a drawer for way too long. Who would have thought that its destiny was to be transformed into a bling bling dress in a castle in Belgium and become a dress with a lot of bling bling!?


The fabric is a very nice heavyweight cotton I got at A-Boeken in Amsterdam. I am not sure which brand it was… unfortunately… I just bought it because it was very soft and with a nice structure and of course the color! It was one of those fabrics that you just buy because of the fabric with no pattern in mind… I had it in my stock for a long time… not deciding what to make.

I finally chose the Raven dress from La Maison Victor. 

The result was nice but a bit plain. It was missing something. So to give it a bit more spark, I decided to experiment with silk printing on the finished dress with my Bobbin Hood kit.

As you see in the picture, I printed before sewing the hem, to ensure no creases would come in the way of the print.

Printing on a finished dress is a lot more risky than printing on plain fabric. But It worked so nice! I chose for a cooper color so it has a bit of bling bling.

This is me on my dress with a tractor! (why not!!?? ha!)

Pattern: Raven dress, La Maison Victor

Fabric: Have no idea anymore, sorry!

Printed with: www.bobbinhood.com