Tutorial: Make your Own Maternity Pants

Maternity pants can be quite expensive and if you add up to the fact that you will also need extra tops, blouses, dresses and so on, you will be soon spending money that could be better spent on baby clothes, diapers, baby bed, puf! the list goes on and on. This tutorial for making your own maternity pants is meant for ultimate beginners. It is really quick and easy if you follow these simple step by step instructions. All you need is a pair of your own pants or jeans and a color matching t-shirt, or any elastic fabric.

I am now 20 weeks pregnant, so exactly half way there and by now my pants do not fit anymore, I urgently need maternity pants. For the first months I just did the rubber band trick, where you put a rubber band through the button hole, fold it and then secure the button with the two ends of the rubber band. But that trick does not do it anymore. I started cleaning my closet, and making room for the baby’s clothes as well, and I have separated all the pants that don’t fit. I found a bunch of Pieces legging pants in several colors in my closet and I decided to grab my scissors and make my own pregnancy or maternity pants.

Step by step instructions for your maternity pants

1. Take a pair of your pants and cut out under the original waist band.

2. Finish with an overlock or a zig zag all around the top of the pants to avoid them to thread.

3. Take the t-shirt or any type of elastic fabric and cut it according to your measurements. It is better if you choose cotton fabrics because the skin of your growing belly might start to get a bit sensitive. You can take the fabric and wrap it around your waist until it feels tight but not uncomfortably tight. The idea is that this waistband will offer your pregnant belly a very comfortable support. You will use the fabric folded, so that the raw ends end up being sewn to the waist of the pants.

Turn your pants into maternity pants following this tutorial.

4. Take the square of elastic fabric and fold it twice. One time so that you have this nice double fabric and another time so that you have the front and back parts. Lay it on the table on top of the pants that you have just cut and you will see that the pants have a curve. You want to simulate that curve on the elastic waistband as well, otherwise the back will be higher than the front of your pants, and if you also take into account your growing belly, then it will look odd. Trace the curve on the elastic waistband and cut it out.

Step 4 of the maternity pants tutorial.

5. Unfold the elastic fabric rectangle, and fold it right sides together and close it to make a doughnut.

tep 5 on the maternity pants tutorial.

6. Now fold it again so the rights sides are facing out and you have the top being a nice straight folded line and the bottom being the nice curve that you have just traced and cut. Turn it upside down, so the fold is now downwards, and the short side is facing to the back.

7. Turn the pants inside out. Take the elastic waistband and put it inside the pants. Make sure that the short part of the elastic band goes on the back and the longer side gos in the front. Pin it in place by starting  on the sides, then pin on the middle points and then in between the pins. Note that the elastic band is smaller than the pants so you need to stretch it and make sure it is all evenly spread out. Finally take it to the sewing machine and sew it together to finish your own pair of maternity pants.

Maternity Pants Tutorial Step 6 to 7

Voila! Enjoy your pregnancy or maternity pants!

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