Emotions while sewing

When I started sewing, I almost gave up because of the tracing and cutting, it really put me down… So I wanted to see if I was the only one, but turns out I am not alone!

How do I know? Well, I posted a survey on a Facebook page and in no time 220 sewers gave me their answers. I illustrated the results in the form of a “customer journey” about the emotions in the sewing process.

emotions while sewing customer journey-01

The three steps that fall below the line, and nobody enjoys doing are:

  • Tracing the right size on paper pattern (in case you are using a book or magazine) or, printing, cutting and pasting all that paper madness (in case of pdf patterns).
  • Cutting the paper patterns.
  • Tracing the patterns on the fabric, or, pinning the paper patterns to the fabric.

Adding to the annoyance is that I have timed it, and we are all spending the same time tracing and cutting papers than we are actually sewing!

I want to change that! How? By giving you the chance to buy already cut out paper patterns from your favourite designers. It will not be easy, but hey!, I want to give it a try!

I am also a big fan of cut and paste! I love to see pattern hacks, or modifications to an existing sewing pattern to create something kinda new! So I want to organise a library of pattern hacks of your favourite patterns.

My background in tech also comes in handy and I want to share what I know about blogging with you! So if you are thinking of starting your own blog or want to learn tips and tricks for your blog I hope to be able to help!

Hope you will enjoy!