Draw your Plush!

We love the story behind our products, and Anna from www.tekenjeknuffel.com has an amazing project! Your kid’s drawings can come to life as a toy plush. You can send your kid’s drawing and she will make a softie version of it!

A mother-to-be made this drawing when she was a little girl. Her sister wanted to give her a very special present for the birth of her first child. She sent a photo of the drawing to Anna, and you know how the story ends…


It all started as a webshop where Anna sold handmade plush toys and bags, but since 2012 she had this amazing idea of turning kids drawings into plushies they could cuddle! How cool is that? It is alike creating sculptures with fabric.

She told me that the best part is the story behind the drawing. Sometimes she even gets a photo of the kid holding the plush that she made and it is amazing to see how proud they look! Anna loves to make children happy and make them feel important!

She gets a lot of energy from it because kids drawings are so special. They are creative, original and thus very inspiring! For example, this beautiful giraffe! I love the little legs!! You can see more of the sofites Anna has made on her website.


Since this year she has made more than 20 softies and the waiting list became longer and longer. So she had to close her waiting list because making a kid wait more than 9 months is not fun anymore. But we have good news!! Since January 2016 her waiting list will open again!

Going green with eco-friendly materials

But the most interesting development is that she will be working with only eco-friendly materials. She will be experimenting with natural dyes, and I am definitely curious to see how it will work out! Here she is experimenting with beetroot to create a nice pink color. Good thing is that plushies do not need to be washed that often so big chance this will be a success.

It is amazing how social media (instagram) allows you to connect and share stories with inspiring people! I truly admire the work of Anna and will definitely be following her steps to see where they take her.