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pants become maternity pants

Tutorial: Make your Own Maternity Pants

Maternity pants can be quite expensive and if you add up to the fact that you will also need extra tops, blouses, dresses and so on, you will be soon spending money that could be better spent on baby clothes, diapers, baby bed, puf! the list goes on and on. This tutorial for making your own maternity pants is meant for ultimate beginners. It is really quick and easy if you follow these simple step by step instructions. All you need is a pair of your own pants or jeans and a color matching t-shirt, or any elastic fabric.

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Tutorial: Leather Pouch… from a Jacket

When I bought my sewing machine it came with all the extra tools needed; like needles, a little screwdriver, a brush and different types of feet. All those little pieces come in a white plastic pouch, which I didn’t really like. Since I love leather bags, I though to make one by re-using an old leather jacket that I found at the second hand shop.

The leather jacket that was used as material for the pouch was a jewel. Its shape was gigantic, like out of an eighties video of Wham, but it had very soft leather and nice details in the sleeves that inspired me for the design of this pouch.

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Do you know who made your clothes?

We are writing a step-by-step sewing book!

Following the vision of The Minimi Project we have started writing a sewing book!

We want to share our experiences about the writing process, the creative journey from thinking of the concept to developing the sewing patterns, deciding on colours, fonts, ways of presenting the final pieces and getting all the material ready.

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