Before Sew Naaiz Weekend

I was still pregnant when I saw a Facebook post from Marie-Paul Gyselen (from So Popo Sew) who was organising a sewing weekend in Belgium. When I saw it, I started counting the months… how many months will my baby be by then? Should I go?


My baby would be 7 months by then, so I decided to go for it.

Back then I imagined I would feel the need to have some me-time and just go and enjoy. Today, I am terrified. I am anxious. I never thought I would be feeling this way. I started doubting… “maybe I should go only on Saturday, that way I will only miss him one night…” I am still breastfeeding, so its basically me & only me feeding Felix every night.

It has been a while since I posted something here. The reason is 4 months ago I came back to the office at Idealabs where I work. Too little time when you have a baby, a job and a passion (this). Then the priorities for now are in that same order…

The first time I left Felix at the kinder, I went home to sew. That kept me busy so it made it more easy… Hope this time it will be the same.

It is somewhat of a stupid selfish feeling to think that your baby will not be OK without you… He will be with his dad! He will be OK. My head knows it. My heart feels anxious.

Before Sew Naaiz Weekend

Wednesday… Two days to go… Feeling a bit nervous. So I posted a questions on the Facebook group of the sewing weekend… “Am I the only one?” Turns out I am not… that makes me feel a lot better already, so I decided to go from Friday on, so 2 nights… (sigh!)

So, to happier thoughts, What do I want to sew?… I am going to Mexico soon to visit friends and family, so want to make some presents for my friends’ kids.

On my sewing list:

I will write again after the weekend… Looking forward to meeting nice ladies!