After Sew Naaiz Weekend

On sewing weekend with 19 very driven ladies, sharing one house and one passion: sewing!

The sewing weekend started with an icebreaker game, since most of us did not know each other beforehand.

Everyone made a little gift and all of the hand ade gifts were put on the table. I gave the upcycled leather pouch from a jacket that I had made a while ago. We took turns and everyone could choose their gift and present themselves to the rest. Dominique choose mine! Then it was my turn and I choose a misteriously packed black box, with a super cute pouch inside full of retro-beautiful buttons from Caroline.

We had so much luck with the weather! Sunny and not that cold, for Belgian standards… We were sometimes sitting in the terrace, eyes closed facing the sun. Coffee in one hand, sewing magazine on the other… Sewing heaven!

All the fears I had about leaving my 7 months old baby before the Sew Naaiz weekend disappeared when I started talking to other moms, just like me. Felix actually did great, of course, I mean why wouldn’t he?!

What did I sew?


First I made a little sweatshirt for Felix by reusing a t-shirt and some leggings that I am not wearing anymore.

The sewing pattern is the baby Ziggy that I got from Made it Patters as a gift for making their illustrations for their sewing patterns.

It is a super easy pattern, great for beginners on an overlock machine because it uses only straight lines!


A dress made from a shirt. A very easy sewing project to upcycle.

I sewed a girly dress made from a blouse that I got at the Think Twice second hand shop. The sewing pattern is an adaptation from the Birdie dress from LMV.

This dress was super fast to sew because I just had to attach the sleeves again and narrow the bodice according to the sewing pattern.

I am curious to see how it fits. More details on a separate blog post when i have pictures of my Mexican model wearing it!

petal fold

I also made the Petal Fold Dress from the Fold collection of Made it Patterns. This was my favorite piece of the collection when I made the illustrations for Olu, so I couldn’t wait to make one.

No repurposed materials here. The fabric comes from Petit Pan.

The pleating in the center was a little bit tricky, I had to make it twice, but the result is awesome!


repurposed sweatshirts

These are 2 presents for my niece’s sons. The sewing pattern is the Leather Sweater from La Maison Victor.

I combined fabrics from 2 old sweatshirts that I am not wearing anymore. One has leather on the front.

I did not have enough fabric for the second one, so luckily I could buy this awesome Cotton & Steel fabric from Cas & Nina on the spot. (see right bottom picture)

I will post more photos of the finished results once they are ready!

My favorite part of the sewing weekend?

The people! I am very happy I had the chance to meet the 19 lucky ladies that got a spot on this sewing weekend: An, Griet, Caroline, Stephanie, Rebecca, Miranda, Lindsay, Aukje, Marie Paule, Joyce, Sabrina, Davina, Katrien C, Katrien B, Isabel, Hanne, Elke, Dominique and Sofie.sewnaaiz

We all shared the same passion and drive! If you are curious check out what everyone made by paying a visit to their blogs, most are in Dutch… but hey!, pictures are universal eye candy.

We have already planned a second edition and I am looking forward so much to it!

We also got a lot of little presents from sewing magazines La Maison Victor, Knip en Knippie, Also some nice discounts and little sewing gifts from Compagnie M, Finch FabricsVeritas, Petite Couture, Lavvi Ebbel,Roos&Violet, Fairy Tailors, Stofuiltje, de Bonte Boom, Zonen09,, Nominette, Bobby Sewing, Straight Grain, Stof Renke, Stof op Zolder, Lana Lotta, Klijntje, Kokette Katinka, Stoffenmie, Ateljee P, Van Marieke, Modecoupon, Den Depot, Babarum, Soft Cactus en de Banier.

I will share more of what I made in the next posts when I have photos of my models wearing their clothes.